Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Last week's cloud update

Hey all! I forgot to post the progress I made last week on the cloud.

I bought 100 hangers and have been making sphere-like wire frames that I will be attaching all my electronics onto. I got some fabric and have been experimenting with different cuts and 'paper mache' style folds. Here is a video from the experiments:

Friday, April 14, 2017

Structure has taken a form!

Hello all -

I got all of my pieces cut and they fit together as planned! Take a look at the attached pics!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Plan of Attack/Replacement for Missing Class Tuesday

Hello all, my apologies for not being in class on Tuesday to present and give feedback. I had a complicated night (i.e. I was locked out the crib/stranded till mad early A.M.). 

But yo, find below a detailed plan I have for tackling what I feel will be a SICK instillation on the 26th. Please comment with any thoughts or concerns. Just thought I'd share to give an idea as to where I'm at. 

Main Tasks:
  1. Composition (Developed by Tues. 18th; Finalized by Sat.22)
—> Individual Touches 
a. Light Touches (Finger tips)  — 4 Variations 
b. Large Touches (whole hand) — 4 Variations 
c. Short Contact  —6 variations 
d. Sustained Contact —6 variations 

ideas for touching:

Short Contact
Sustained Contact
Light Touch (Finger tip)
Slowly fading in beginnings of—>
Circulating arpeggio glock clings w/ soft attack and washed reverb
Large Touch (Whole Hand)
Thick synth chord w/ flanger and chorus with medium release time
Unfolding chords of larger composition. Generative triggering with amalgamation of different cells w/ 3 chords in each

         ii. MAX Patching (Done by Tues. 18th) 
  1. Designating Specific Touch Data Ranges (Soft vs. large) —assign to       corresponding composition cell
  2. Counters for duration of contact—>corresponding composition cell
  3. **CROSSFADING between types of contact so that it’s as seamless as the touch

        iii.  Physical Building —(“A.” Done by Fri. 14th; “B”=ongoing)
 A.  new arm bands w/ copper tape SENSORS: Robust wiring/extensions to the breadboard 
B. Pillows, lamps w/ mood lighting/general set up of instillation 

      iv. Conceptual Cultivation 
A. Roll of and engaging bystanders/spectators? 
B. Words denoting rolls on the arm bands or no?

C. What’s their relationship to the blanket/sound coming from participants? 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

blinds and mechanisms

I finally has a solid direction on my installation.
On top of the blurring and scaling visuals, I am currently figure out the mechanisms.
 this is my finalized idea and the setup
it requires a projector, table to mount that projector. a frame and a piece of frabic to project on
and blinds!

this are some sketches about how i am going to make my gears.

I was stuck on how to attach sensors to my blinds
But i am going to laser cut a few things to try it out.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Cloud Progress

I've been through quite a few phases with my cloud installation, so I thought I would upload the various stages so far: This is my original cloud prototype made with polyester and one LED. I really noticed how the LED diffused nicely with the polyester These are the speakers I will be embedding into the cloud I've also been experimenting with different fabrics, including chiffon, linen and crinolin - which I will use for different textures of the clouds