Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Unconventional Instruments

Hi everyone!

These are the instruments I found, although the first one (Hydraulophone) is not a digital instrument I found it quite interesting because it works with water and in my opinion it is a very complete instrument.

What I really like about the Infrared Sensor Shirt is that he uses it manipulate his voice. I've been finding myself thinking of instruments in a traditional way (notes, chords, scales) and this example moves away from that by working with an external sound source.

The Karlax is a controller that looks like a wind instrument, it has discrete and continuos sensors, and you can connect it to your sounds and effects modules through Max/Msp, or use an external input with a microphone, it also allows you to move the sound through an array of speakers. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Unconventional DMIs

I showed this project in class. It is more visually interesting than sonically interesting, but I think it demonstrates the importance of having an engaging physical interface.
This project inspired an idea I had for what I will make. I like the idea of using a softspot membrane to control pitch.

This thing is just cool

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Unconventional Performance Systems

Hello everyone,
Here are some of the performance systems I've found.


There are a few different versions of the Eigenharp. I have one of the smaller versions which I will bring to class. The following demonstrates one of the bigger versions.

Here is a presentation about digital systems. It presents an Eigenharp and includes a few performances:

Stanford Laptop Orchestra

And here is a TED talk by the composer:

Intel's keynote

The following is a performance from Intel's most recent keynote. I'd like to think of the performance tools here as entertainment systems more than instruments.

Unconventional Digital Instruments

Friday, January 12, 2018

Wintergatan's Unconventional Performance Systems

Hi everyone! In looking for unconventional digital instruments/controllers, I found some videos from a YouTuber I've followed for some time, Wintergatan. He is a musician that builds many different homemade instruments. Two of his most well known creations are the Marble Machine and the Modulin. The videos are linked below! Although the Marble Machine is more of a mechanical instrument than a digital one, I found it interesting to think about how you could make a digital equivalent of the instrument.