Saturday, February 18, 2017

INSTRUMENT miniature version

Last week, I got to print out a miniature version of my instrument! It is very tiny and cute, the real model will be twice as large. Currently I am modifying my model according to this tiny version.

There are a few areas that I need to improve. As I used to work in workshop, I usually spare more a tiny inches as the bench saw or saws have certain thickness and it could take off more wood than you expected. Naturally, I saved more spaces as I designed my model. It turns out that some holes are bigger and the parts could not fit properly. I learnt that I really could do the exact dimensions as the laser cutter really cuts accurately, without taking off any material from the wood. 

So, my next step is to modify this model and continue to make sounds and further develop my code!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

More plastic!

I went back to the scrap box and was able to find more of the material that I decided to explore further.

I've decided to connect some of them in order to make one that extends from hand to hand across my chest.

I tried to capture the gesture I was making but this is all I got:

Now I'll be working with an accelerometer and an infrared proximity sensor and see what kind of gestures I can detect!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dissecting the Game Trak

Dissecting the Game Trak

         I have been working on sound design, coding in Max to get my "virtual world" done, but finally I got two more sets of these kind of Game Trak, and it is time for me to dissect them and extract what I need from them.

 So these are so photos that I took during my dissect as I want to document them.

I have found a 1/4 inch wooden rod (wasn't sure if that's Johanna's ladder, but if it is, thanks!) which fits perfectly into the hole of these objects, still figuring out a way to secure them in a fixed position, probably some rubber material that prevents them from sliding.

Next, I am going to map out the diagram of how I am actually wiring up the physical things as I have more than 15 inputs. So probably I will need two multiplexers. Also, I am drawing a design of my arch, hopefully can laser print it soon after I get some feedbacks.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Finally getting the making ball rolling!

Hello all -

Sorry for the lack of updates on this project so far - I finally got into some making this afternoon.

So basically I went to the hardware store and bought a couple different sections of piping that seemed fruitful. Although the copper piping looked very intriguing and felt great to hold and interact with, I ended up pursing the PVC this afternoon because copper is conductive and I felt it was too risky to move forward with.

In my modeling last week, I basically came to the conclusion that my photocells should all be adhered to one common base that I would slide/insert into the center of the pipe to hold them in place underneath the holes. I've attached pictures of some perf board that I cut and wired my photocells and mux onto today!



side-by-side with pipe:

photocells through pipe holes:

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Experimenting with plastic materials

This week I have been experimenting with three plastic materials that I picked up at the Scrap Box.

The materials all have different amounts of bend to them. 


I've basically been attaching my accelerometer to each of these and playing with how my max patch reacts.

I'm planning on asking the class for feedback on these various materials!