Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dissecting the Game Trak

Dissecting the Game Trak

         I have been working on sound design, coding in Max to get my "virtual world" done, but finally I got two more sets of these kind of Game Trak, and it is time for me to dissect them and extract what I need from them.

 So these are so photos that I took during my dissect as I want to document them.

I have found a 1/4 inch wooden rod (wasn't sure if that's Johanna's ladder, but if it is, thanks!) which fits perfectly into the hole of these objects, still figuring out a way to secure them in a fixed position, probably some rubber material that prevents them from sliding.

Next, I am going to map out the diagram of how I am actually wiring up the physical things as I have more than 15 inputs. So probably I will need two multiplexers. Also, I am drawing a design of my arch, hopefully can laser print it soon after I get some feedbacks.

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